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4 ways to make your home healthier

These easy, effective tricks will boost the benefits of being at home


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Thanks to “the new normal” we’re spending more time at home than ever before. While feeling our best starts with good sleep, nutrition and regular exercise, we can support our ongoing wellbeing with a few simple switches around the house. Here’s how…

1. Get more from your décor

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Studies show that poor sleep can have serious consequences for our long-term health, but setting up a sleep-friendly bedroom is surprisingly simple. To start with, style your room with subdued colours for a comforting atmosphere and, if possible, blackout blinds to eliminate distractions.

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Add bedside lamps to create a soothing mood and remove any electronics that emit blue light (like smartphones, tablets and televisions), as these may interfere with your sleep patterns. For bedding, choose breathable, natural fibres like cotton and wool to regulate your temperature and minimise sleep disturbances.

2. Reduce household chemicals

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While intensive household cleaning tasks may require chemicals, natural ingredients may do the trick for everyday maintenance.

Combine bicarb soda with water to clean inside fridges, or mix it with vinegar to make chrome sinks shine. Use diluted lemon juice to disinfect chopping boards, remove stains from plastic containers and degrease dishes as you’re washing up. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to hot water for a floor cleaner that’ll freshen the air as it disinfects. And undiluted white vinegar can eliminate most moulds from your bathroom tiles – all without the need for toxic chemicals.

3. Bring the outdoors in

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Indoor plants can boost both our physical and mental health. In fact, a recent study showed they offset high blood pressure and reduce mental stress, while other research has confirmed they purify, humidify and oxygenise our interiors.

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Need something low-maintenance? Try an easy-care Snake Plant (also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue). Although they grow slowly, Snake Plants don’t need much light or water, plus they’re one of the few species that produce oxygen at night (so they’re great for bedrooms). Other stylish, air-clearing varieties include the Peace Lily, Devil’s Ivy and Spider Plant.

4. Declutter & feel better

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Research has found a direct link between household clutter and the stress hormone, cortisol, affecting our immunity, digestion and overall mental health. To reclaim your calm, first clear things out, keeping only the items that truly matter to you and use them regularly.

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Next, get organised with clever storage solutions. For wardrobes, pair multi-use shelving with baskets for accessories and transparent, stackable cubes for shoes.

In the hallway, store keys and everyday items in decorative boxes or bowls. For kids’ rooms, go for bins, cabinets and drawers that are the same height as your little ones, so they can play an active role in keeping your home – and mind – as decluttered as possible.

Published on 01st March 2021
Published on 01st March 2021
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