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The Advantages of BASIX 7 Star Ratings for New Homes.


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Transform Your Home and the Planet with BASIX 7-Star Efficiency.

As the world moves towards net zero emissions by 2050, Allcastle Homes is proud to champion the latest in energy-efficient housing: the BASIX 7-star rating. This standard, run by the National House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS), aims to create new homes that are not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective and comfortable. But what’s needed to achieve a 7-star rating?

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In addition to a star rating for your building shell, the scheme rates the energy performance of your whole home, including major appliances and solar panels.

1. Thermal Performance: High R-Value insulation installed in walls and roofs. Lighter-coloured roofing, external walls and window frames can also help.

2. Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient heating, cooling, and lighting systems are mandatory. Ceiling fans, solar panels, and energy-efficient appliances are highly recommended.

3. Water Efficiency: Homes must have water-saving fixtures and fittings, including low-flow showerheads, and dual-flush toilets, as well as rainwater tanks for garden irrigation and toilet flushing.

4. Building Design: Smart design principles, such as positioning your home and your windows to make the most of the available sunlight and natural ventilation. Including more internal doors in your design means mechanical heating and cooling estimates in NatHERS can be applied more accurately.

An important first step to your 7-star rating is to get a NatHERS assessor involved early in the design process. Accredited assessors know how to best improve ratings and provide a range of options.

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Enhanced Energy Efficiency
A BASIX 7-star rating means your new home will use significantly less energy for heating and cooling, reducing your carbon footprint. With high R-Value insulation and energy-efficient appliances in your home, you’ll use artificial heating and cooling less.

Cost Savings
Lower energy consumption means lower power bills. While the upfront investment in energy-efficient features might seem higher, the long-term savings are worth it.

Increased Comfort
Homes with a 7-star rating provide better thermal comfort. High-quality insulation help maintain an even indoor temperature all year round. The whole family will thank you for it!

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Future-Proofing Your Home
As energy prices rise and environmental regulations become stricter, having a home that already meets high energy efficiency standards keeps you ahead of the curve. A BASIX 7-star rated home is compliant with current regulations and also a savvy, forward-thinking investment.

Boosted Property Values
Thoughtfully designed, energy-efficient homes are increasingly in demand. A BASIX 7-star rating significantly enhances the resale value of your property. Potential buyers are drawn to greener homes offering lower energy bills and less environmental impact.

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At Allcastle Homes, we are dedicated to making homes that reflect the values of modern living. We don’t just build homes – our compliance with the BASIX 7-star rating is a part of our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and your future well-being.

Building a sustainable home is a win-win for homeowners and the environment. 

They’re not just great for our planet – they're good for your wallet too. 

Reduced energy and water bills, plus potential tax incentives for using renewable energy, mean savings now and in the long run.

At Allcastle Homes, for a limited time, we are offering "Fixed Price 7 Star BASIX with Luxury Upgrades*" when you purchase a Premier First, Select Elite Duplex, or Select Prime Allcastle Home —including an EV charger, solar system, water tank, LED downlights, and energy-efficient Daikin air conditioning—at no extra cost for all homes purchased. Plus, benefit from luxury SMEG or Westinghouse kitchen appliances. Discover more in our current promotion and make your dream home a reality with Allcastle Homes. *See website for Ts&Cs.

Talk to an Allcastle Homes consultant today about how we can build a new home and brighter greener future together.

Premier First     Select Prime Elite


Published on 13th June 2024
Published on 13th June 2024
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